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Drop the bass mane, the bass get lower

Radio say speed it up, I just go slower

High like treble, pumpin’ on the mids

Ya man ain’t ever seen a booty like this

And why you think he keep my name rollin’ off the tongue

When he want a smash, I just write another one

I sneezed on the beat and the the beat got sicker,

Yoncé all on his mouth like liquor….

I’m ridin’ home in pain again baby, but that don’t mean sh*t to you, you’re currently engaged in an intimate conversation with a young groupie or two, they say “Players only love you when they’re playin’ games”, still I gave my heart to you, I should’ve stayed away like my friends all told me to…. #OneAndOnly @mariahcarey #MariahCarey #TheEmancipationOfMimi #Mimi #WhyCantIFindMyOneAndOnly #ImLookingForMyOneAndOnly #PlayersOnlyLoveYou #WhenTheyrePlayingGames#SoSoLonely #SoLonely

I reminisce the way we kissed it felt so personal, you took the chance to get my love and now you know, that I don’t need no one babe, without you my life is incomplete, our love is just like the bar, put it all on me. I don’t need nobody else, baby all I need is you

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